Arcanum Killer

Session 2 - Bits and Pieces

Tuesday, March 1 2011, 11:13 AM
Kharlah Law is pretending to be looking for something while the creepy man is staring at her, forcing any fear within her to rise. She tries to look at the figure. She sees his dirty, ragged, black raincoat, and the powerful-looking shape of his body clearly, but his facial features remain indistinct as if she cannot focus on them at all…
He overwhelms her and she feels great sorrow and fear, experiencing the abandonment her mother (Lilly Law) felt when her Cherokee father left her.
Kharlah becomes angry. She gathers courage and begins slashing at him as she sobs and cries.
She misses several times as he begins to leave the scene, walking backwards, telling her it’s not time yet. She stabs him successfully. He goes in to attack and grabs her, she lets him and stabs him again.
They grapple shortly and he tries to bite her as she holds a knife in his gut. She headbutts him and his attack is thwarted.
She leaves the knife stuck in his gut. His blood is on her, a strange mix of tar and ichor. It is dark and it smells foul.
She runs like hell, into the rain and to the first place with people in it. Without thinking, she ends up at Mr Chin’s.
She calls Marcus.

Tuesday, March 1 2011, 11:19 AM
Marcus talks to Kharlah, who begins to explain almost everything. Marcus gets a patrol guy to pick up Kharlah. The officer, Albert Chipman, says he is waiting to be interviewed by him and Julia. Marcus dismisses him, making sure he understands how important it is that he does not leave Kharlah’s side.
Kharlah begins washing off the icky blood stuff off of her while she is waiting to be picked up.

Tuesday, March 1 2011, 11:58 AM
When Kharlah Law arrives at the police station, she shares everything with Marcus. The flashback/daydream, the lack of focus when looking at the assailant. Her stabbing him, him grabbing her, etc.
Marcus realizes that the man should have died or at least has suffered a grave (life-threatening) injury from the stab wounds.
Marcus gathers some of the ichor-like substance she claims is blood, some of which she hasn’t washed off her clothing completely.
He brings the evidence to Mitchell Yazee, one of the lead lab techs at the station, and asks for the results from yesterday’s evidence concerning the double homicide. Yazee admits the Chief has requested the report earlier that morning.
Marcus storms into his boss’ office. Julia is already there. Marcus confronts his boss, but their superior is quite clear: Marcus and Julia can continue investigating the male victim’s lead, but not the female victim… A third party will be investigating her.
Marcus is pissed because the case is being shared with a third party and now the information is one-sided, as they are supposed to share their information, but not the other way around.

Tuesday, March 1 2011, 12:06 PM
Billy Chan is looking for information regarding the owner of the office property where the bodies were found. Attempting to answer the questions of who it was leased to previously, who would have discovered the bodies if they had not been found right away, etc. He gets the name of a prominent real-estate investor and owner of multiple businesses, Jade Cook. Most businesses she owns can be traced back to “Cook Enterprises”, the business she oversees.
Billy’s boss also keeps pressuring him for a story, offering to give him a big bonus if he can crack the case before the investigators. Both the Editor-in-Chief and Billy realize that information is being suspiciously withdrawn: the press conference/press release regarding the investigation has been postponed, then canceled shortly thereafter. No one else seems to care whereas Billy’s boss is quite insistent.

Tuesday, March 1 2011, 5:24 PM
Billy gets a phone call from Marcus who wants to meet with him.
Marcus shares the case files, and gives him $500. Marcus wants Billy to keep things off the record, but to help him dig things up wherever Marcus shouldn’t be nosing around.
The case has enough info for Billy to write a vague article with minimal evidence.

Meanwhile, Kharlah goes home to see her mom, Lilly. Her mom had a dream that reflects Kharlah’s own flashback, with the man in the black cloak and hat and chasing him in the fields.
Kharlah tries to relax in a bath. Her mother makes a casserole and sort of dozes off…
When Kharlah comes out of the bathroom, she finds her mother sleeping in her easy chair with a bible in her lap. Kharlah has never seen this bible before. There is also a tarot card inside of the same type as found at the crime scene, although, Kharlah doesn’t know it.

Lilly is catatonic.

The sound of footsteps echo unnaturally throughout the apartment building.

The lights go out.


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