Camille Boudraux

Professional woman who will do just about anything for her boss' company.


A Cajun beauty who fled the hole she grew up in to make it in the big city. She did! She’s now a highly trained assistant (administrative leader, agent and bodyguard) for a rich corporate executive, Mr LeClair.

Full Name: Camille Monet Eloise Boudraux
Age: 30
Birth Date: May 2nd
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Hair: Deep Red, when down it is just past her shoulder blades
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Right is Brown, Left is Blue
Height: 5’7" without heels
Style: On or off of work, Camille dresses in high fashion. Even her umbrella has a designer label. At work she tends to wear a lot of deep greys with very few color accents. On personal time she will show more color but is never flamboyant.
Personality: Camille can come across very hard and callused. To her you are in one of two groups; At her level or below her. She does not do good with long term personal relationships and has not had a boyfriend (or what she considers a boyfriend) for the last year. When relating to her peers or those of higher social standing she is very eloquent and charming and can work the room with ease for her boss’ needs.

Right before we started the game we were ask 5 questions to further understand our characters… These are Camille’s answers

Psychological Questionnaire:

If your character was an Animal, what Animal would they be?
Beta Wolf

If your character was a Mythical Animal, what Mythical Animal would they be?

If your characters was a piece of Art, what Art would they be?
Kabuki Theater

If your characters was a Natural Force of Nature, what Natural Force of Nature would they be?
The Phases of the Moon

If If your characters was a Element, what Element would they be?

Character Profile:

Home Town: Castor, Louisiana just outside of Black Lake Bayou

School: For High School she went to Castor Public School (Pre-K – 12 is all in one school). She graduated top of her class but never attended her graduation. She had received a full ride scholarship to Stanford University in California. The night of her High School graduation she took her Daddy’s truck, packed 2 bag + the mayonnaise jar of her savings and drove off to her future. Her parent’s did not know about the scholarship and have no idea about where she went. She graduated with honors in the top 10% before starting at LeClair, Inc.

Work History: Camille has worked at 3 places in her life. In High School in Castor she worked at the only gas station in town on Thursday-Sunday nights. In college she worked at the campus book store part time. Right out of college she was hired on at LeClair, Inc. after a year long competitive internship. She quickly moved up through the company earning her Masters in Business while working as head of Public Relations. After she received her Masters she was promoted to Mr. LeClair’s personal assistant. Before she was trained in any other of her duties she was sent to China for 3 years becoming fluent in Mandarin and highly trained in Kung Fu. For the last 5 years she has been a personal assistant and body guard for Mr. LeClair.

Family: Along with her mother and father Camille has 8 siblings and is the 3rd born. As far as she knows all are alive and well.
Father: Clovis Rene Boudraux
Mother: Odette Marie Elva Rivette
Siblings (from oldest to youngest):
Brother: Rene Evelyn
Brother: Eugenie Leon
Camille Monet Eloise
Sister: Adelaide Belle
Brother: Jacque Cornelius
Sister: Josephine Gertrude
Sister: Lenore Yvette
Sister: Magnolia Rochelle (Twin to Rosalia)
Sister: Rosalie Matilde (Twin to Magnolia)

Interesting Notes: Camille use to have a very strong Cajun accent but forced herself to loose it when she went to college. Under times of exceedingly high stress or anger sometimes she slips, but very very rarely and never in front of Mr. LeClair.

Shallow fear: She does not want anyone to know of her small town past and wishes she could change her history entirely. She would be mortified if anyone found out and may be would even be pushed to commit suicide.
Deep Fear: Camille is both a Ophidiophobic and to a lesser extent a Hemophobic due to an event in her childhood.

Color: Turquoise
Food: Cajun (the one thing she still keeps from home)
Secrete Activity: An evening on the couch, in PJ’s and slippers, pint of Ben&Jerry’s (usually Cherry Garcia), watching Bravo or Life Time.
Drink (non-alcoholic): Coffee, Red-Eye style
Drink (alcoholic): Mint Julep
Flower: Orchid

Camille Boudraux

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