Lilly Law

Mother of Kharla Law, retired secretary.


Lilly is 62 years old. Single (never married) Lived in the City since she was 20. Likes to visit the home farm (sister inherited it) every couple of years. Worked with Beakerson Publishing Company as a secretary till she retired at the age of 60. She had an affair which resulted in Kharlah. Only thing she would say about the father was that he was Cherokee. (Kharlah only learned that much when she was 6. Came home crying from school because the kids were teasing her about looking different than her mom) Other than that Lilly refused to say any thing about the absent father figure.

Has 1 younger sister, Bertha Pakston (Bea) Who lives on Lawrence, Kansas. Bea is married to Chris Pakston. Bea and Chris have 5 Kids. Tom 21, Lisa 18, Trudy, 15, Curtis 13, Laurie 9, David 7. All the kids are helping out on the dairy farm.

Lilly Law

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