Marcus O'Connor

Ex-military, now a divorced police detective (like his father and grandfather).


A man troubled by the death of his partner just a few years back, killed in the line of duty while trying to apprehend a criminal. His current partner, Julia Anderson, is the closest thing he has to a friend.

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Age: 27
Birthday: April 1
Sign: Aries
Style: He wears the sale price clothing when he needs to clothes, where his taste comes out is in his weapons. To anyone in the shooting world or high society the pistol and shotgun he has are of the finest quality and highest price.

Personality: He is a very determined person and will do what ever is needed to finish the job. He can be nice as long as you are an asset or a friend.


Marcus grew up as the middle child of eight children. His family are devout catholics all except for him. He was not the best student in school doing just enough to pass with C average, where the rest of his siblings were excelling. All the males in the family have been cops for as long as the family can remember. The day after high school graduation he packed his bags and went to serve in the Coast Guard as a Para Rescue Jumper. He serve his 4 years and returned back to this city and joined the Police force. His family was glad he was back but he had changed now he only attends mass with family on Christmas and Thanksgiving. In his private time he still prays like the good catholic. He eventually got married to his high school sweet heart and they had a child. Things got bad after he lost his partner turning more violent at work and getting suspended more, he is the guy who does anything to get the criminal, his wife divorced him and took there kid. He sees them on Christmas and Thanksgiving at family tradition. He was made a detective after he caused enough trouble as a patrolmen. He still remembers the day his partner died and it haunts him to this day, for he blames himself.

Marcus O'Connor

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